The Christian Institute emerged out of a vision to facilitate and support holistic learning and continuous self-development that recognises the need for whole being development - Spirit, Soul and Body.


Provide an Inclusive Platform

Our vision is to provide an inclusive platform that embraces across cultural boundaries and learning styles in promoting practical lifelong learning. We will empower, develop, connect and educate participants in areas of life including psychological, spiritual, professional well-being and relational. By promoting the individual’s potential, we aim to build authentic leadership and celebrate the achievement of learners to inspire future generations. We believe that positive challenges come from being in a like-minded regional network.


Develop A Viable Regional Institute

Our aim is to develop a viable regional institute where learners from all walks of life can go for support, professional development and networking. We will thereby develop and pilot new ways of working at a systemic and individual level to unlock potential talent. An institute that will link with sub-regional, regional, national and global networks for the advancement of our customers.

Our Objectives

We Want To

  • Inspire, empower, encourage and up-skill learners
  • Identify and promote good practice in improving opportunities
  • Nurture and facilitate learners through mentoring and coaching
  • Scrutinise and challenge bias against women
  • Facilitate opportunities for cultural diversities in education
  • Develop future leaders and role models

Thus Creating

  • Improved awareness and support for non-mainstream demography
  • Intergenerational learning support
  • Broad variety of self-development models 
  • Increased confidence, self-belief and resilience through facilitation
  • Networking opportunities for sharing of ideas and tips for success
  • Flexible and inclusive learning models